Where does a journey begin and where does a journey end? It is often difficult to identify either the beginning or the end, as the journey is often the sub-category, the process level of some intention and a direction to fulfill some purpose. Someone said our life journey is to find our gift(s), and when we find it our purpose is to give the gift(s) away.
The other word used to describe Gypsey’s is “Travelers”. This is an indication of a journey and an intentional search for gifts and finding a deeper purpose. A rose has so many connotations and meanings in our lives. It is a symbol of beauty, compassion, love, gifting, forgiveness and intimate connection.
Tess has been on a journey of discovery and enjoying a beautiful love affair with “Mother India” for close to two decades now. The first journey was a curiosity with a hint of something in the realm of Spirit and intuition being revealed. 
Some 16 plus years later and more than 20 trips to India, Tess has established her gift for creation and beauty. Her joy is to be with crafts people who have for centuries, created, made and wowed the world with the most fascinating and beautiful fabrics. Once the fabrics and designs are created and stitched, they begin their journey  to South Africa and the home of Gypsey Rose in Johannesburg.
Such is the creativity and connection of Tess to the creation and journey of the garments that each garment has a story about its journey. All the stories of the fabric begin in time before memory, yet in the DNA of the manufacturers an the fabrics a unique story and journey is brought to life and the ancient energy is transported through the journey, the story, the creation, the colour, the design and wrapped around the purchaser, the new owner as the material now touch the inner core and outer beauty of the wearer.
Looking deeper into the story of Gypsies, their DNA has been traced back to North India and Rajastan. In 2016 the Indian minister of Internal affairs recognised Gypsies (Romani) as part of the Indian diaspora. On a separate and different journey Tess through her gift and intuition is almost bringing the Gypsy energy back to India and completing the circle through the use of a name. 
‘Feel as free as a gypsey and as sweet as rose, when wearing our clothes…’

First journey to India 2000

How I got to travel to India

I had been to yet another talk on meditation by a Guru from North Carolina and was invited to do yet another meditation course .I truly felt completely at a loss and all coursed out. After much persuasion I attended the course, and like most things in life, the things we least like or want to do turn out to be quite fulfilling. I was exposed to a picture of a guru with a mop of black curls who looks much like Jimmy Hendrix and offered a DVD to watch on his teachings. The following morning I received a call from one of my friends who was on the same course who asked me how I had enjoyed the DVD and also asked me if I would like to go to Puttaparthi, putt a what I said in one breath, where is it in the next breath - INDIA and I said yes in the third breath.

Six weeks later I was at OR Tambo international airport crying with fear. Fear of finding the person who was me and what would happen when I found the inner me and I didn’t like her. On putting foot in muggy Mumbai, I fell in love with the sounds sights and colors of beloved India. I had a déjà vu feeling of “being at home”. It was like driving through a national geographic. I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of this amazing country and I had only just set foot on this divine soil.

The 4 hour drive to the ashram was an eye opener and so my true spiritual journey had begun. The rules and regulations at the ashram were pretty formal and structured, the accommodation humble and the vibration something like I had never felt before. The emotions evoked in me were truly life changing which included my visit to the Wishful filling tree.

A tamarind tree placed on the top of a small mountain or koppie as we would say , where my Guru had performed many miracles from his childhood days. Plucking oranges , apples or limes of a non fruit bearing tree. Thousands upon thousands of devotees have travelled to the wishful filling tree over decade to place their wish upon this tree. I was just another one climbing up the koppie with my wish in hand to tie to the tree.

I left India 3 weeks later after fulfilled journey, a skip in my step and overwhelming love in my heart. On returning to South Africa, the question was “where did I go to have my facelift”. I was truly renewed in spirit and mind and glowing from within.


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