In August 2015 I made my 18th journey to India and my 81-year-old mother accompanied me on the journey. The purpose of this journey was to purchase pure white cotton clothing from Lucknow for our annual Kundalini yoga festival because it is a tradition to wear white comfortable clothes while practicing Kundalini Kriyas.

Energetically, it is said that wearing white expands the wearer’s aura by at least a foot, which gives you a sense of strength and expansion.


After making my clothing selection, we travelled on to see the magnificent TAJ MAHAL, a must for every visitor to India. My mother has always had a great love for architecture was overwhelmed. This being my second visit to Agra and the Taj Mahal, still left me in awe of its magnificence.


We took the train to our next destination, Jaipur, the pink city in Rajasthan. We were kindly collected by a Taxi driver by the name of Paul, who delivered us safely to our Guesthouse. India energises, rejuvenates, and inspires me. One experience was the driver Paul suggesting he show me a few “non-tourist” venues in Jaipur. I decided to take a ride with Paul. He said, “Where does Mam want to go?” So, I said how about some textile manufactures?

Well was I in for a treat! I found myself in a mountainous heap of the most magnificent colourful and textured fabrics… and without much thought or plan I began to put a range of clothing together, but this time I was drawn predominantly to the Indigo blues. Within 5 days I had put together a range of 6 dresses. My first consignment arrived in South Africa in early September 2015 and by the end of the month, I had sold 80% of my stock. I returned in October to replenish stock for Christmas.


My creativity has extended itself to another level. I relate this experience to painting… starting with a blank canvas, then adding the design, the colour, the print, fabric, texture, and style. We predominantly use handmade block prints to create my Gypsey Rose fabric designs.


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